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9-10 Hours


Keeping ship shape with on-board(*) wellness & fitness while cruising on a Yacht in Santorini.
  • Balance between the mental and the physical well-being through the practice of mat-based Yoga performed by a Yoga/Pilates instructor.
  • Massages and Body treatments by Massage Therapist.
  • A complete view of Santorini’s caldera from the sea.
  • Sail to the volcano, bathe in hot springs and swim and snorkel off Red Beach.
  • Cruise by the southern Lighthouse, Indian Rock, White Beach and other beauty spots not reachable from land.
  • Posing for photos having as background the magnificent caldera and catch Santorini’s famous sunset.
* Massage sessions and Yoga sequence has to be indicated by clients.  Take into consideration that massage session is based at one on a time schedule and notat te same time for everyone. ** Experience can be accomplished ony when insructor of Yoga and Massage Therapist can both guarantee availability on the requested date for booking. *** Most of the time Yoga is happening on ground locations during the day cruise because of ses swelling while onboard.

What is included:

Pick up and drop off on a private vehicle or minivan, from any point you wish on the island (Hotel, Villa, Airport, Port etc.)

One Massage Therapy of 45 minutes for every single passenger

Yoga instructor and 1 hour Yoga session at the best possibe location

Delicious Meals – Lunch/Dinner/Snacks.

Soft Drinks and Beverages (Local Beer, Local white wine).

All taxes, fees and handling charges

Free wi-fi access

Towels and Blankets to be returned to the crew



More Details:

Encompass Body, Mind and Soul and Keep fit while at sea.

For some guests, the only requirements of a relaxing yacht experience are a deck chair and cocktails. For others, relaxation is a balance of Sun, Fun and Wellness. AEGEANVIP - through selected operators -  offers you yacht experiences to stick with your fitness regime at sea while cruising the waters of Santorini.

Or, how about spa services such as a relaxing massage on deck as you listen to the sounds of soft waters lap the hull of your yacht and feel the warm Aegean sunshine on your back. All are possible options with one of our wellness yachting experiences.

We developed and designed a yachting experience to maintain your desire for physical fitness.To combine the sea with physical and mental wellness. To relax and recharge at the same time. To soothe your body and mind with a whole set of options including Massage, Yoga, healthy cuisine, swimming and meditation. When you get back to your hotel feel like you have had the well-deserved break you are after.

During this Private and Luxury Wellness & Fitness on board experience, you are going to visit:

  • Volcanic Red Beach - The most famous beach on Santorini. The color and shape of these rock formations are a result of the island's volcanic history.
  • White Beach - The sand here is not white, but black. This beach gets its name from the many white pebbles and enormous white rocks. Quite a contrast from its red counterpart, White Beach is a wonder all its own.
  • Indian Rock - You'll want to make sure you have your camera out to capture this rock formation.
  • Venetian Lighthouse - This lighthouse is said to be one of the best in Greece. Originally built in 1892 to run on oil, it has been upgraded with electricity is still used today.
  • Volcano - Enjoy the view of Santorini's active volcano as the ship sails near the shore.
  • Hot springs - Made possible by the surrounding volcanic formations, the iron-rich hot springs is a great place to a quick swim and is sure that to you’ll add a warm and rejuvenating experience.
  • The small hidden church of Eftapedes, Armeni Bay and the little island of Saint Nicolas with the small church on top are waiting for you to climb up.

After spending time of fitness and relaxing, we set sail and return happy, satisfied and slightly tipsy back to the harbor while staying afloat  to experience a magic sunset.

A unique, exceptional, unforgettable private experience with life partners, family, friends or business partners.

Last but not least, our Captain is at your disposal to ask for any route changes or more time spent at a location for an absolutely private, personalized experience.


Approximately 10 hours: 10:30am – after sunset time

Cancellation Policy:

Operator’s Cancellation Policy:
For all cancellations or changes, we require having email notification at: in order to advise immediately accordingly the operator

  • Cancellations that will be placed at least 72 hours prior to departure,  Operator offers 100% refund of the down/full payment.
  • For changes that will be placed at least 72 hours prior departure, there are no extra fees but the new reservation is subject to availability. If there is no availability for the new date or tour then a full refund is applied.
  • For cancellations or changes less than 72 hours prior to departure, 100% of the total cost of the tour is charged as cancellation fee

DISCLAIMER NOTE: Operators of the vessel reserve the right: a) to change or modify the route of the scheduled cruise or to cancel it due to inclement weather or for reasons it deems that they should not ensure safety for the customer. In case of cancellation 100% refund of the down or full payment is applied. b) To carry out the trip with any vessel of the same category depending on the availability and the conditions governing its operations and with the commitment that in any case it will provide to the customer the agreed services.

/group up to 4 pax

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