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Beer Tasting & Food Pairing
45-150 minutes


THE TOURS & BEER TASTINGS The Brewery can be easily reached from every part of the island. The first thing you notice when you arrive is the beautifully landscaped bioclimatic garden surrounding the brewery, which helps offset our carbon footprint and creates a pleasant microclimate all year round. The building is modern and industrial, with generously spaced outdoor terraces and interiors, open to all visitors who wish to discover our beers and how they make them. Through the guided tours, beer seminars, beer tastings and the culinary experience at their themed restaurants and tapas bars you can indulge in a lovingly curated experience of local tastes with a beautiful view. All spaces at the BREWERY are wheel chair accessible. Book one of the tours and discover the complete Culinary & Beer tasting experience. From the aging and fermentation tanks to the bottling section and the control room, you will feel the magic of beer production happening before your very eyes. Take it all to the next level with a beer and food pairing at the theme-restaurants. The premade tour packages below offer different levels of access to our facilities, guided tour options, and more. For tailor-made experiences please contact us and we will be happy to organize something exclusively for you. 1.Basic package In Greek or English. Running all day from 10:00-22:00. This is a beer tasting experience that includes 6 beers and a mini seminar about the ingredients, the making and the specifications of each beer. The tasting is accompanied by a luxurious snack for each visitor that includes traditional cheese from Xanthi, a potato salad with herbs and confit cherry tomatoes, beef pastrami, orange-flavored sausage from Kalamata and breadsticks. Duration: 45min                                                                                Official Price: € 25 per person 2.Basic package with semi-private tour In Greek or English. Every day from 10:00-18:00. Advance reservation is required. Our expert guide will take you on a guided semi-private tour around the facilities, during which you can take photos and be introduced to our beer-making process. You will be able to see the production area from the taproom, through a glass wall, and learn more about the equipment used at the brewery. This is followed by a beer tasting of 6 beers, where our guide explains more about the taste profile and the specifications of each beer as you taste them, paired with a luxurious snack for each visitor that includes traditional cheese from Xanthi, a potato salad with herbs and confit cherry tomatoes, beef pastrami, orange-flavored sausage from Kalamata and breadsticks. Duration: 75 minutes                                                                     Official Price: € 35 per person 3.VIP Tour with “Access” inside the production area including a 4-stage degustation menu ” A Scent of Greece” In Greek or English. For 1 to 8 pers. Only by appointment and subject to availability. This special package will grant you privileged access to all our facilities, wearing suitable equipment and a uniform for safety and hygiene purposes. You will follow a private tour into the actual production area, where you can see the tanks, the fridges, the storage, the aging cellars and our R&D lab from up close. An expert guide will offer you an insightful mini seminar about beer brewing. The experience continues with a beer tasting of 6 beers at a reserved area, paired with an amazing palate-pleasing degustation menu prepared by our in-house chef. The guide will analyze the taste profile and characteristics of each beer served, in combination with each flavor of the *4-stage degustation menu. Duration: 150 minutes                                                                   Official price: €120 per person 4.Culinary Experience & Beer Tasting In Greek or English. From 13:00-22:00. Available by appointment only. The ultimate tour, culminating in a culinary ritual combining our unique beers with a **6-stage degustation menu  prepared by our in-house chef. You will follow a private tour around the facility, during which you can take photos and be introduced to our beer-making process. You will be able to see the production area from the taproom, through a glass wall, and learn more about the equipment used at the brewery. You will then be seated at a reserved area, where you can immerse yourself in a rich gastronomic experience combining the tasting of 6 beers with exquisite flavors. In every step of the tasting ritual, the guide will analyze the taste profile and characteristics of each beer served, as well as the food tastes it is paired with. This is the optimum gastronomical experience, combined with a tour and beer tastings. Duration: 150 minutes                                                                   Official price: €120 per person 5. Large Group Lunch and Beer Tastings AVAILABILITY UPON REQUEST FROM 12:00h-18:00h CAPACITY: min.20pax to max 100pax 3-course lunch menu (attached) combined with beer-tastings of 6 beers X 200mls each + mineral water + home-made bread DURATION: 120 min
6. COOKING CLASSES “CYCLADES” A cooking workshop based on beer-themed cuisine OPERATING FROM 11:00h TO 18:30h DURATION: 210 min CAPACITY: 2-10 PAX PER SLOT 7. HoME-Brewing MasterClass Learn how to brew beer at home by an expert brewer OPERATING FROM 10:00h-18:00h DURATION: 180 min CAPACITY: 2-8  PAX PER SLOT (including beer tasting of 6 X 200mls beers, and a home brewing kit with ingredients, recipe and instructions per pax)   *4-STAGE DEGUSTATION MENU
  • Fish ceviche with strawberry dressing (when in season) or red & yellow grapefruit
  • Scallop wrapped in vine leaves over fennel root cream and lemon flavoured gel.
  • Beef fillet tartare
  • Wagyu beef served with creamy Santorini split-pea dip and fried capers
  • Calamari cake over sweet capers
  • Crunchy courgette rolls with creamy graviera cheese
  • Santorini split-pea dip with sautéed Cretan smoked apaki pork
  • Crunchy bread roll with Florina pepper pâté and spicy buffalo sausage
  • Rusk topped with cheese mousse and marinated tomato
  • Mini pita bread topped with creamed eggplant and slow-cooked beef cheeks
  “A SCENT OF GREECE” DEGUSTATION MENU INCLUDED IN UPSCALE PACKAGES Lamb “kleftiko” Corfu bianco A different “Fasolada” Santorini “kavourmas”                                                                      Greek “kontosouvli” Syros “loukoumi”
  • The 4-stage degustation menu served in the VIP package No.3 doesn’t include the lamb kleftiko and the Greek kontosouvli.
Slow-cooked lamb in bell pepper, parisienne carrot, potato, courgette and graviera cheese sauce The history behind the Kleftiko recipe Around 500 years ago, when Greeks were under the Ottoman rule, many poor farmers were hiding in the mountains, hunted by the authorities because they would not accept the foreign oppression and the autocracy of the rich landowners. They could not pay their taxes or debts, so they would steal to survive, usually lambs and goats, or relied on the hospitality of their compatriots, who would offer them food. To cook this food without being spotted by their persecutors, though, they had to hide the smoke and aroma of cooked meat. So, they would dig a hole in the ground, light a fire and cover the embers with soil and branches.  They slowly cooked the meat in this earthy vessel for many hours, along with blocks of kefalotyri cheese. The meat would take on the scent of strawberry leaves, bay leaves and carob tree leaves, as well as the aromas of oregano, thyme, lemon and wild garlic. They would return hours later, open the hole and enjoy the food of the kleftes (those who steal), the so-called kleftiko. Cod in lemon sauce, served with mashed potatoes The history behind the Corfu bianco recipe In Corfu, bianco means “white”. It comes from Italian. So “fish bianco” means fish casserole in white sauce, without tomato. This is a popular dish on the island of Corfu. It is the special food they make on 12 December, the Saint Spyridon Feast Day. On this day, they cook it with stockfish, a type of dried fish only found on Corfu. In this case, the oil used weighs around the same as the fish, before it is dipped in water and cooked. It is also made on the days Greeks traditionally eat fish: Palm Sunday and 25 March. Mashed beans with smoked eel and virtual bean mousse The history behind the Fasolada recipe Fasolada (bean soup) was once dubbed the national dish of Greece, when years ago (possibly around the Metaxas regime in 1936) beans were a food staple for a large part of the population who could not afford to buy meat. So beans became a favourite among Greeks, while they continue to be a key part of traditional Greek nutrition to this day, offering valuable antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, all necessary for good health. They are encountered in almost all Mediterranean cuisines, in various forms. The bean hails from far, specifically from America, where it was cultivated by the Aztecs thousands of years back. Slow-cooked pork, confit with cherry tomatoes and pepper spirals, parsley oil The history behind the Santorini kavourmas recipe Santorini kavourmas differs from the traditional one. Kavourmas is a different type of traditional cold cut, mainly encountered in Northern Greece, especially Thrace and Eastern Macedonia. In the olden days, when there were no fridges, the preparation method for kavourmas was essentially a way to preserve meat. Kavourmas is made of whole pieces of meat (beef, lamb, buffalo, pork or mixed). On Santorini, the traditional kavourmas is made in fat and is slowly cooked for several hours over low heat. Rib-eye with fondant potatoes, corn pita bread and baked tomato sauce The history behind the Kontosouvli recipe Souvlaki is a Greek dish made with pieces of grilled meat on a skewer. It is widely known around the world and it is usually served in dedicated shops (souvlatzidika). It is also a fast food encountered at outdoor feasts and celebrations. This recipe goes as far back as Greek antiquity. It combined pieces of grilled meat, pita bread and sauces. Rose gélifié, strawberry montée and baby meringues The history behind the Syros loukoumi recipe The art of loukoumi-making (Turkish delight) was brought to Syros from Constantinople by artisans from the island of Chios. The first cauldron was installed on Syros in 1832 and the first official seal was placed in 1837. Once upon a time, the loukoumi was never absent from Greek homes. In tough and bitter times, it delighted young and old, usually accompanying the Greek coffee. The production method is the same to this day. In a cauldron, they mix together water, starch and sugar, along with rose and mastic aromas. They then sprinkle the loukoumi with powdered sugar and cut it into small square, bite-size pieces.
Vaccination certification is required
Face mask is required inside the production area.
Alcohol consumption age limitations apply.
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to booking.
Pets are not allowed in the interior areas.
Smoking is only allowed in open areas.
Child supervision is necessary.

More Details:


An exciting new destination on the island of Santorini for craft beer and gastronomy lovers, Ftelos Brewery invites visitors to immerse themselves in a journey that combines exceptional tastes, modern architecture, breathtaking nature and local culture under the same, hospitable roof. Paying tribute to its origins and inspired by its island home, the microbrewery produces exquisite artisanal beer using signature local ingredients. Visitors can enjoy Ftelos beers paired with specially curated dishes prepared by an in-house chef, for the ultimate brewing and culinary experience on Santorini.


Situated near the village of Karterados and just a three-minute drive south of Fira, Ftelos Brewery takes its name from the area it is built in, which means ‘ridge’ in the local dialect. Its nearly 4,800m2 including the production facilities and taproom, the hall of the beer-themed restaurant and a roof-garden theme restaurant as well, several tapas bars, as well as one
of the largest bioclimatic gardens in the Cyclades. Every day we brew something new: ideas, tastes, experiences and friendships. Come and visit us and discover our passion for beer and the unique experience we have created around it, just for you.


All Ftelos beers are produced on-site at our micro-brewery. Visitors can see our state-of-the-art production unit from the taproom, through a glass wall. We have two separate beer boilers that allow us to experiment with local ingredients and come up with new flavors, all of which can be enjoyed at our brewery. Visitors are welcome to learn more about our pro-
duction process by visiting the rest of our facilities, such as the production room, the fermentation and aging tanks, the Research and Development lab and the bottling unit. Our microbrewery has a minimal environmental footprint thanks to its own waste management unit and reverse-osmosis water filtering technology. Our bioclimatic garden collects and stores rain water, further enhancing our environment-friendly operations.


Milling the Malt
Boiling the Wort

Passionate beer lovers, committed to producing beers that people will love. All  beers are available as draught beers, and our  two bottled signature beers are: Blue Monkey Lager/Pils and Blue Monkey Pale Ale. From time to time, we also bottle or keg some beers from each of our side projects. The  production concept is divided into 4 projects:

1.The Blue Monkey Project

2.The Malt ‘N Marvel Project

3.The Terroir Project and  

4.The Φ Project.

The Blue Monkey Project The blue monkeys painted on the walls of Akrotiri on the Greek island of Santorini are some of the many animals found on the frescoes of this 3,600-year-old town. Historians have been studying the murals for decades. It was most recently discovered that this Bronze Age civilization of Akrotiri was much more globalized than previously thought. This was our source of inspiration for this fresh, adventurous and aromatic beer, with which we hope to conquer the globe, communicating our tradition throughout the world.

The Malt ‘N Marvel Project These beers are marvels that can uplift every moment of your life. Some of these beers include huge amounts of hops, others have large quantities of fruits and herbs from around Greece, while others are sweet or sour, blonde or black. The beers in the Hoppy Series and the Herbs & Fruits series are tantalizing to the mouth and nose, as you can taste and/or smell features of the hops, which can be fruity, earthy, citrusy, floral or piney.
The Terroir Project It takes place once a year and is inspired by The Terroir Project born in California in 2017. We decided to share the passion and ideas for Santorini’s terroir through these rare and unique beers. They are really special brews, blends of spontaneous fermentation beer and Assyrtiko grapes harvested from old vineyards. The new beer, which is in the process of brewing, is a beer that contains Santorini Saffron.

The Φ Project. The Φ Project is our biggest challenge. It springs from our deepest desires for dedicated beer brewing based on mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation. Our inspiration comes from the classic farm-house breweries of Europe, which embrace principles of subtlety, patience and interesting fermentation character. The techniques used for these brews lead us tounique fermentations with our native character. The ageing process and the maturation of these beers take place in used oak barrels that contained wine, vinsanto wine, bourbon, rum, sherry, brandy or even vinegar.

Cancellation Policy:

For all cancellations or changes, we require having email notification at: in order to advise immediately accordingly the operator

No fee is charged for a cancellation more than 48 hours days prior to the  scheduled tour date.

Cancellations made from 48 hours to 24 hours prior to the tour date, 50% of the total amount will be charged.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date, 100% of the total amount will be charged.

For a no- show, an 100% of the amount will be charged.

If cancellation is made for changing the day of the reservation, no extra fee is applied but the new reservation is subject to availability. If there is no availability for the new date or tour then the cancellation terms concerning the time factor are applied.

The Operator reserves the right to change or modify  the scheduled tour. In case of cancellation 100% refund of the down or full payment is applied.

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