Milos Catamaran Full-Day NY Private Cruise

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Port of Adamantas
Approximately 9 Hours


Enjoy a special day on board, exploring the unique locations in the southern part of Milos that are accessible only by boat. Visit the “jewel” of the Aegean Sea, which is Poliegos island.
English speaking crew
Meal included
Free local wine, beers & soft drinks

What is included:

Homemade breakfast - Greek menu prepared on board (Greek salad, homemade tzatziki, BBQ and other traditional flavors) Dessert (spoon sweets & seasonal fruits)

Open Bar : A variety of beverages, juices, local wine, beers & water.

Snorkeling equipment, floating devices (ask the crew)

Snorkeling gear, SUP (paddle board), Go pro action camera, Swimming noodles, Safety equipment, Fishing equipment

Guided Tour

English speaking crew

Free WiFi

WC & facilities for washing sea water off (ask the crew)


Transportation from/to Hotel



More Details:

Arrange a private cruise around Milos' coastline for a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. Additionally, you will get to see Kimolos and Polyaigos, two nearby islands. It is highly advised that families, parties, and couples take a private cruise. This trip is the best choice if you're searching for elegance and seclusion. Set sail for a day of pure enjoyment aboard one of our roomy catamarans, which are built to provide the utmost in luxury and relaxation.

If you decide to plan a private catamaran trip, there are no restrictions on any of our current itineraries. Rather, you are free to decide what you want—you can select the precise stops as well as every aspect of the journey! You can work with the skipper and the sailing crew to plan an incredible sailing trip that suits your needs.

Additionally, we would be happy to host any special occasion of your choosing, including birthdays, honeymoons, or wedding anniversaries, in the most exquisite yachting setting. Taste authentic Greek cuisine and be greeted with warm friendliness!

Customers are entitled to choose between: (a) West/South Milos, (b) Kimolos and Poliegos or (c) the Round of Milos and Poliegos

Main Information:

Duration: approximately 9 Hours
Departure time: After 9:30 a.m.
Start/End point: Adamas Port
Meeting point: Adamas port, 15 minutes before departure
Stops: You can choose the stops of your preference
Route: Choose between West/South Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos or the Round of Milos and Polyaigos
Meal on board: Breakfast, full lunch, boat BBQ, dessert, and drinks included

What's included:

Full Menu

  • Homemade Breakfast
  • Greek menu prepared on board
  • Vegetarian or vegan food options are available upon request
  • Boat BBQ
  • Dessert (spoon sweets and seasonal fruits)
 Open bar

A variety of beverages, juices, local wine, beers, and water.

 Services & Εquipment

Snorkeling gear
SUP (paddle board)
Go pro action camera
Guided tour
Swimming noodles
Safety equipment
Fishing equipment
Free WiFi
W.C. and facilities for washing seawater off


If the customer is opting for the (b) Kimolos and Poliegos Tour, the suggested itinerary is:

The cruise starts at 9:30 a.m., setting sail from Adamas, the port of Milos, heading northwest towards Cape Vani. Cape Vаni is thе northernmоst place οn thе west part of the island and is one of the most striking landmarks of the island of Milos. Many of the most popular photographic subjects taken from Plaka also show the Cape every time, since it inevitably forces its way from the left into almost every panoramic view and every sunset scene. From a distance, Cape Vani, with its characteristic silhouette, looks almost like filigree. In reality, though, it is a substantial promontory at the tip of which a mighty cliff about 20 metres high rises up.
The minе is not visible frоm the sеa but yοu will see thе peculiаr roсks кnоwn bу the lοcals as "thе bаcon" beсause оf thе resemblancе in cοlors. There is also a beach with large stоnеs, though not very suitable for sunbathing and swimming.

Then we will pass by Triades, Ammoudaraki, and Agios Ioannis, some beautiful bays on the west side of the island, till we arrive at our first swimming stop, Sykia. Sykia is a cave of unique natural beauty, the biggest one on the island. It has no roof and the sun’s rays enter the cave, illuminating its emerald waters and creating a visual feast of colors and brilliance. We will have a short stop at the entrance of the cave for some great photos and then you will enjoy swimming and snorkeling at a breathtaking spot by the cave. After the swimming, you will enjoy our delicious brunch!

The sailing cruise continues and the next destination is Kleftiko, the famous old pirates’ hideout with numerous caves, which is a unique place on earth. An unforgettable experience will undoubtedly be snorkeling in pristine green-blue waters and exploring the intricate caves while surrounded by imposing volcanic rock formations. On this journey, we offer snorkeling gear and a GoPro camera to take underwater pictures that will keep this memory alive!

Anchor up and we set sail again! Sailing the south part of the island, passing by the famous beaches of Fyriplaka and Tsigkrado, we will soon arrive at our next swimming spot one of the best on the island that is accessible only by boat: the beach of Gerakas, with its impressive sand slides and transparent turquoise waters. There, you will enjoy a full lunch prepared on board, a delicious BBQ meal, Greek flavors, and a variety of drinks.

As we continue to our next stop, we pass by Theiorychia, a historical place on the east side of the island, where we will see the oldest mining business for sulfur in Greece. Then we will approach the island of Poliegos, the largest uninhabited island in the Aegean that is included in the Natura 2000 program of the European Union, with the intention of preserving the natural environment and the architectural heritage of the island. The last swimming stop will be at Galazia nera (Blue Lagoon), a bay that is like a natural swimming pool with transparent, light blue waters!

On our way back to Adamas Port, we will pass by Glaronisia, the Seagull Islands, a complex of islets with a volcanic background and interesting geology. Then we will reach "Arkoudes,” a small formation of rocks that stand in the middle of the sea and consist of a strange geological feature in the shape of bears! Following the coastline, we will pass close to the traditional fishing villages of Fourkovouni, Areti, Klima, and Skinopi with their colorful little houses, "syrmata,” which are one of the most distinguishing features of Milos. We return to Adamas port at around 19:00


First StopSykia is an impressive natural treasure, the biggest cave on the island, surrounded by colorful volcanic rocks. There will be a stop for swimming and snorkeling in the crystal-clear, emerald waters. There, you will enjoy our delicious brunch!

Second Stop

KLEFTIKO: the famous old pirate bay, with a number of caves. A complex of impressive white volcanic rocks encloses the fictitious bay. Swimming and snorkeling are highly recommended in the crystal green-blue waters, exploring the sea caves and admire the magnificent landscape.

Third Stop

GERAKAS: a beautiful sandy beach enclosed by impressive geological rock formations. You will be mesmerized by the golden sand and the most vibrant shade of turquoise water you have ever seen. Swimming in the hot spring is one of the highlights of the trip. There you will taste homemade traditional food and you will enjoy your drink having an amazing view.

Final Stop

GALAZIA NERA: Poliegos is the largest uninhabited island, a heaven on earth like place in the Aegean Sea. The last swimming stop is at “Galazia Nera” bay, the trademark of the island, a small narrow bay with steep white rocks, white sand and transparent light blue waters, known as the “Blue Lagoon”.
In the event of strong north winds, we will start the trip from Paleochori Beach.
In cases of strong south winds, we sail from Adamas port towards the north side of Milos and Poliegos.
There is a 15% discount if it is not possible to visit Polyaigos Island.

Cancellation Policy:

For all cancellations or changes, we require email notification at in order to advise the operator immediately and accordingly.


Cancellations made up to 7 days before the cruise date can be made free.
For cancellations made between 7 days and 3 days prior to the cruise date, 50% of the total amount paid will be charged.
For cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the cruise date, 100% of the total amount paid will be charged.
The company reserves the right to change or modify the route of the scheduled cruise or to cancel it due to weather conditions. In the event of a cancellation on our part, the full amount paid will be refunded.

From: 2.000 
/group up to 12 pax

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