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Helicopter Tours from Santorini to other islands and major spots across the Aegean Sea.
Are you in Santorini and wish to experience the beauty of other islands (Ios, Folegandros, Anafi, Milos, Koufonissia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Crete, Patmos) in a way that only from the sky is possible? Build smiles with the best selection of Island-Hopping options departing from Santorini. There is no better way to bridge the stunning Archipelago. Spend as many hours as you like on other beautiful and unique places and get back to your base having seen it all.
Starting Prices: Robinson R44 Helicopter (up to 3 passengers, limited baggage):
Santorini – Anafi – Santorini:
940 €
Santorini – Ios – Santorini:
980 €
Santorini – Schoinoussa – Santorini:
980 €
Santorini – Folegandros – Santorini:
1.100 €
Santorini – Koufonisi – Santorini:
1.200 €
Santorini – Amorgos – Santorini:
1.310 €
Santorini – Naxos – Santorini:
1.400 €
Santorini – Paros – Santorini:
1.450 €
Santorini – Milos – Santorini:
1.490 €
Santorini – Antiparos – Santorini:
1.610 €
Santorini – Mykonos – Santorini:
2.110 €
Santorini – Patmos – Santorini:
2.510 €
Santorini – Kos- Santorini:
2.700 €
Santorini – Athens AP – Santorini:
3.760 €
Santorini – Amanzoe (Porto Heli) – Santorini:
3.830 €
Santorini – Rhodes AP – Santorini:
4.240 €
Santorini – Costa Navarino – Santorini:
5.660 €
  Upon reservaton, customers will be asked to confirm the time they wish to spend (waiting hours) at each destination. Take into consideration that the additional cost per waiting hour, is: 160€. For example Santorini – Mykonos – Santorini day trip based on a 5-hour waiting time slot, the final cost is: 2.110€ + 5 χ 160€ = 2.890€ Make a request for any other available option (more people, waiting time, special occasions packages etc.)

What is included:

English and German speaking captain & crew

Professional Pilot and Private Helicopter

Fuel, fees & taxes

Baggage space depending on the helicopter category.


Ground Transfers in Santorini & Destination


More Details:

Some of the destinations:

Santorini – Mykonos – Santorini

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean. Beautiful beaches, multiple choices to have fun and of course infamous nightlife. If you are spending your vacation in Santorini, we give you the opportunity to visit Mykonos for several hours and then fly back to Santorini within 35 minutes.

Santorini – Folegandros – Santorini

Folegandros is a destination which the last 2 decades has witnessed a mild touristic development without affecting the climate of calm and serenity which visitors experience when they arrive. Folegandros lets you indulge in the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, visible from almost every part of the island due to its morphology. You may visit Folegandros from Santorini within only 20 minutes and then come back to Santorini.

Santorini – Koufonisia – Santorini

Koufonisia in spite of being small, offer some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The main and occupation of the residents is fishing which transforms the island into a genuine fishing village, where visitors can enjoy abundant fresh fish and seafood. Arriving on the island, the white windmill stands on the left of the port, while above it is Chora, a model of Cycladic architecture. The beautiful beaches of the islands, almost sandy, complete the enchanting image of Koufonisia. Now you can visit Koufonisia within 30 minutes and spend.

Santorini - Milos - Santorini

Mílos is an ideal destination that definitely s worth a visit. Enjoy amazing spots and beaches like Kléftiko with its turquoise waters and Sarakíniko with white sharp rocks cutting deep into a sheer cliff; add the unique lunar landscapes and the rocky secluded caves. Must visit:The white rocky landscape that embraces Sarakíniko forms an once-in-a-lifetime encountered lunar landscape while on Kléftiko, which can be reached only by boat, you can dive in secluded rocky caves with crystal clear waters.

In case you need consultancy on how to spend your time when at your destination we'll be more than happy to assist you. We can also propose you related services such as the Fly&Dine (Having lunch or dinner in one of the best restaurant on the island), Bikini Heli (a service for golden beach lovers) or a 3-5 hours tours operated by local providers.

Cancellation Policy:

For all cancellations or changes, we require email notification at:

In case of cancellations by a customer more than or up to 72 hours prior to departure a full refund shall be given. In case of cancellations of less than 72 hours prior to flight departure time, any deposit amount or a full prepayment amount is NON-refundable. In case of no-show-up on time or a no-show-up at all like agreed accordingly upon flight confirmation, the rights for the flight expire and there is no further right of a refund or any kind of compensation. If a flight is cancelled or delayed due to weather or an unexpected restriction from the authorities the customer is entitled to a full refund unless he wishes to reschedule.
If a customer wishes to reschedule a flight, this is basically free of charge. If a reschedule is not possible – for whatever reason – the fees shown at “flight cancelled by client” are applicable. Once a flight has departed and the customer wishes to either cancel the flight or fly back, no refunds will be made. Any change of the Itinerary or values of the confirmation by the client might cause in loss of the right for the flight without any refund. (Especially weight limitations and baggage dimensions)


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