Planning a surprise proposal on a yacht in Santorini in 2024 combines the elements of romance, surprise, and unforgettable scenery to create the perfect moment. Santorini, with its iconic caldera views, stunning sunsets, and the deep blue Aegean Sea, provides a picturesque backdrop for such a significant event.

We’re here to help you plan the proposal of your dreams!

We understand how stressful it may be to plan a proposal. That’s fantastic that you’ve finally got the confidence to propose! But is it quite essential to wonder, “How are you going to do it”? Over the last years, we’ve received a growing number of requests for proposals aboard luxury yachts in Santorini, so we thought it’d be helpful to share some ideas you’ll need to think about for a yacht proposal, based on our previous experience arranging such cruises! The bottom line is that proposals involving a yacht charter are incredibly romantic, are almost always fun, add a touch of luxury to the equation, and provide a certain amount of privacy. When it comes to the captain and crew, you won’t have to worry about anything—they’re experts at providing their guests with the privacy they need and will do whatever it takes to make the occasion even more memorable for you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning this unforgettable experience:

1. Choose the Right Yacht Charter Service
  • Research and select a reputable yacht charter service in Santorini that offers private tours. Look for booking companies with excellent reviews and customer service that can cater to special requests.
  • Ensure the yacht has the amenities and space you envision for your proposal, whether it’s an intimate setting or something more elaborate.
2. Select the Perfect Date
  • Consider the time of year for your proposal. Spring and early autumn offer pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and stunning views.
  • Check the sunset times for your chosen date to plan the perfect moment during golden hour for an even more romantic atmosphere.
3. Customize Your Itinerary
  • Work with the charter service to customize your itinerary. Popular spots for proposals include near the Red Beach, sailing around the caldera, or in front of Oia’s famous sunset.
  • Decide whether you want a short trip just for the proposal or a longer cruise that includes sightseeing around Santorini’s coast.
4. Special Arrangements
  • Discuss any special arrangements with the charter company, such as decorations, a specific playlist, or a photographer/videographer to capture the moment.
  • Consider ordering a special meal or champagne to celebrate after the proposal.
5. Plan for Privacy
  • Ensure the crew is aware of your plan for a surprise proposal. They can often help with the timing and logistics to maintain the surprise.
  • If you prefer absolute privacy, ask about secluded spots where the yacht can anchor for the proposal.
6. Prepare a Backup Plan
  • Have a backup plan in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. This might involve a different day or a different location on the yacht.
7. Capture the Moment
  • Hiring a professional photographer or videographer to secretly capture the proposal is a popular choice. If the yacht company cannot provide one, you may need to arrange this separately.
  • Inform the photographer of the exact plan and timing to ensure they capture the moment perfectly.
8. Personalize Your Proposal
  • Think about personal touches that will make the moment even more special for your partner. This could be a handwritten note, a special piece of music, or something meaningful to your relationship.
  • Practice what you want to say beforehand to ensure your words are as memorable as the setting.
9. Ensure Everything is Coordinated
  • A week before the proposal, confirm all arrangements with the yacht charter service and any other vendors involved. Make sure everyone understands the plan and timing.
10. Enjoy the Moment
  • With all the planning and preparation taken care of, the most important thing is to be present and enjoy this incredible moment with your partner. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that you’ll both cherish forever.

By following these steps and adding your personal touches, you can create a magical and unforgettable proposal experience on a yacht in Santorini in 2024. Remember, the key is in the details and keeping the surprise until the perfect moment.


More Details


1. Who is going to be onboard?

Do you want a private romantic cruise (just the two of you) or would you like the idea to propose in front of friends and family? Consider how discreet or public you want this surprise to be! The “backstory” building up to the surprise will differ depending on your choices.

Let’s suppose that you decide to be onboard with just the two of you:

Get a complete package of all the options available for this amazing proposal:

As we are organizing the cruise for you, we can claim that you’ve won a free couple photo shoot onboard, so it will look less suspicious to your partner. This person (photographer-videographer), along with the yacht crew, could eventually help with any chosen decoration.

The same scenario could be valid if you choose a private chef on board to prepare delicacies and set the dining table properly

Dining could also be combined with a wine tasting with a selection of fine Santorinian wine varieties.

For a surprise with friends and/or family:

During a special occasion celebration like a birthday or business achievement (if there is any), you spring it on your friends and/or family presence and that would be a double surprise!

You are a fan of “lucky draws,” and you’ve won a service from a professional DJ on your private charter cruise in Santorini. Undoubtedly, Dj will help to create a special atmosphere knowing from the beginning your music preferences as well as your favorite song as you are popping the question!



  2. When is the perfect time to pop the question?

There are options for a 3-5-hour cruise or even a full day cruise to another island around Santorini. Regardless of the type of plan they have, we usually advise our clients to set aside at least 4 hours. This is to ensure that everyone on board (whether it’s just the two of you or a group of people) has enough time to admire the phenomenal Caldera and South Coast attractions from the water, relax, swim, snorkel, and unwind for the day.

However, the most popular time slot is always the evening slot between 4pm and sunset time hours, when the magical moment usually occurs as the sun sets in the horizon of Santorini (remember, this is one of the reasons you’ve decided to visit this amazing island!)—the golden hour for romance and splendid photographs.



3. Where is the best place on a yacht to get down on one knee?

First, you must decide what your preference is in the yacht category. (a) a catamaran that is the most common way to cruise in the Caldera waters in Santorini? (b) a luxurious motor yacht (c) a nice sailing boat?

Every single type of vessel has a different allocated space for the passengers. However, we usually, if not always, recommend the front deck of the yachts since it has lots of deck space and provides a good, uninterrupted view of the gorgeous Santorini’s surroundings.

Also, keep in mind that a yacht can move! As a result, you’ll have a lot of options for your backdrop, whether it’s for the important moment or for other photos!



 4. Best spots to propose during a yacht cruise in Santorini?

All yachts in Santorini follow a sailing itinerary that includes many of the key landmarks such as Red Beach Limestone White Beach, Black Cave Indian Rock, Lighthouse, Hot Springs, Caldera Coast, and Thirassia Island, Aspronisi, St. Nicholas Island, Armeni, and Eftapedes, depending on the departing location.
However, it is fully up to you what you want to do during the charter – where to stop more for swimming, sightseeing, and so on. Private cruise itineraries are completely flexible, and we can always plan to suit your desires!
Favorite proposal locations:
(a) Eros Beach in Vlychada, where we can organize a firework launch from the beach for a more memorable proposal.
(b) At the open sea near the Akrotiri Lighthouse shortly before sunset, when the weather is perfect, being on board and witnessing the ethereal sunset is a sheer delight.
(c) Sail towards Oia and the caldera coast, Santorini’s most iconic island settlements perched on the Caldera cliff, providing a spectacular backdrop for your special occasion.
(d) You can also disembark and propose on the volcano if the area is not overrun with tourists at the time. There is a tiny remote there, and if you hire a photographer-videographer, a drone can film this magical moment to make an amazing experience.


5.  Decoration? Tips?

The golden rule! Keep it simple!

You are not in a banquet hall or a venue terrace! You don’t have even the space for balloons, flower decorations, rose petals, bohemian carpets, candle-shaped hearts, or light-up letters. Aegean breezes and gusts of wind could easily blow away into the sea any meticulously chosen decoration, causing you more stress than pleasure.

The most important things while sailing in the caldera waters for this amazing special occasion cruise are: your love for each other, the breathtaking views of Santorini’s Sea attractions, the beneficial effect of sea water and sea salt on your bodies after diving, swimming, and snorkeling in the deep blue waters of the South Aegean Sea, sipping your bubbly drinks and enjoying your delicious dinner, listening to your favorite music, and last but not least, watching the stunning worldwide famous sun setting over the sea on Santorini’s horizon. Isn’t that enough? Then you should reconsider proposing to your sweetheart aboard a luxurious yacht!

Tip1: There is no reason for you to arrive dressed to the nines with a suit and tie out at sea! We always encourage dressing comfortably casually instead of wearing tight-fitting pieces that you’d wear going out or to a formal event. For instance, you may match relaxed jeans or shorts with a soft t-shirt. Alternatively, if you want to appear more presentable, pair your jeans or shorts with an untucked polo or button-down shirt.

Tip 2: Reduce the possibility of spoiling the surprise to a minimum. Arrange, (if possible) a quick inspection of the yacht to get a sense of the available area. Discuss your ideas with the yacht’s crew and our staff, so that they can let you know if your plans are feasible or if there is anything you need to be aware of before you go through with them. Make all of the necessary preparations with the team for the crucial seconds and minutes of your proposal. You can “give the nod” to your crew, who will look after you whenever you believe the time is right.

Tip 3: Make up a “story” for when you plan to get down on one knee on the Yacht’s front deck.
Are you preparing to propose to the one you love? Congratulations! Because this is such a significant occasion, being well-prepared is essential. The most crucial element is to ask, “Will you marry me?” but there’s a lot more to it.
Emotions are running high when it’s time to propose. You want it to be a memorable occasion for you and your partner for all the right reasons.” Here are 3 things to keep in mind while putting together an outstanding proposal. (Source:
Write down what you want to say – Practice in front of a mirror – Don’t be afraid to get emotional 
Proposing on the water in Santorini is one-of-a-kind experience that is not found on land!


6.  Additional Services

You won’t be arranging a yacht charter proposal by yourself. For special occasion events, we are here to help you out along with the crew members of the yachts, select from a number of optional service packages and amenities, such as:

– A roundtrip limousine transfer for you and your sweetheart from/to your hotel to the port for an extra special touch.Special Champagne, Food or Drinks
Photographer of Videographer onboard
Bouquet of flowers and/or Celebration cake.
Fireworks to be launched from the shore (* only if the proposal is planned close to Vlychada’s Eros beach)
Dj (this option makes more sense when you are with friends onboard)
– Upon availability, we could also include a professional chef – admitted that the yacht chosen has the neccessary infrastructure to prepare the meal –  who will make a gourmet celebratory dinner for you, your partner, or your friends.
Seabob and other water toys to have fun in the water.

Even if you want to do the majority of the job yourself, you can count on the captain and crew to assist make the evening extra memorable in any way they can, even if it’s simply hanging a few twinkling lights and pouring the champagne.


7. How much do I need to budget?

Although many of our clients have requested a package price, in our experience, each yacht offer is unique and has a different set of preferences. As a result, we broke it down for everyone so that you can quickly adjust your yacht proposal to reflect your vision:

For the high and peak season (May 20th–October 10th):

Yacht charter cost for a 4-5 hour cruise:

  • Catamaran or Sailing Boat: from 1.200€ – 1.800€ (just for4 people + 100€ per person for any additional guest)
  • Luxurious Catamaran: 1.800€–2.100€ (just for 2 people + 100€ per person for any additional guest)
  • Smaller Motor Yachts or speedboats: 1.100€–1.500€ (just for 2 people + 100€ per person for any additional guest)
  • Luxury Motor Yachts: 2.100€ – 4.000€ (just for 2 people + 150-250€ per person for any additional guest)
  • Limo vehicle round-trip Transfer : from 180€ to 240€
  • Professional Photographer or Videographer: There are 2 options. If vessel category could allow to reach a port on time (usually only motor yachts can do that) to get the photographer on board only for 2 hours—practically the last 2 hours of the cruise—the charge is 800€. If a photographer or videographer is required for the whole duration of the cruise, then the cost is around 1.280 euros. If you wish to hire your own photographer directly, please be assured that he/she has no sea sickness issues.
  • Special Food: Chef onboard: We can order from our culinary partners a special menu according to your desires at a cost of 75€–100€ per guest or hire a private chef on board for 600€ + ingredients cost.
  • Special Champagnes, Cocktails, Wines and other Drinks: We can provide you, on request, with any etiquette of wines, champagnes, ready cocktails and other alcoholic beverages
  • Bouquet of flowers: 60€–120€, depending on the synthesis of flowers
  • Celebration Cake: Starting price around 60€ for 2 people.
  • Fireworks: A special Fireworks lunch for 60 seconds from the Vlychada beach has a cost from 650€ to 2.000€.
  • Seabob: Prices starting from 360€


* The combination of add-ons is subject to availability and it would be wise to make a decision about what to include in the package in advance.

Book a yacht in Santorini for your proposal, choosing from a variety of boat categories and create a memory that you and your future spouse will always remember. It’s an epic story you’ll tell your kids and grandchildren when they are looking for proposal ideas.

For yacht proposals in Santorini, we have a perfect “YES!” rate. In the end, who can say no to such a stunning setting?


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